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Paradise Acres


Leaf labeled lanes like Maple and Elm, land-scraped bald

for asphalt and Burr cut lawns Butch-waxed to respectable ruliness

if that was possible


Rural Free Delivery, waiting for the knock on the door

from Publishers Clearing House or the Second Coming

whoever arrives first


Sun baked aluminum siding ticking in the heat

like popcorn shaken on the stove

inside a shiny expanding foil cone


In harmony with air conditioning units and lawn mowers

and clinking patio cocktails with radio or television

and child-squeal from splashing chlorinated containers


Supple young mothers re-penetrated repeatedly

like waiting and willing pin cushions

Minds, souls and bodies punctured for inoculation and indoctrination


Child-women and child-men fornicating

on sofa sized Buick bench seating with an 8-track

under moonlight or the rude glare of a drive-in movie screen


Sin banished to the basement

Billiards. Card table. Cigars. Porn filled boxes shoved into dank, dark corners

safely away from the washer and dryer


A cinder block partition away, self exiled

In winter the furnace purrs me to sleep

with dreams of next season’s baseball and pussy


Weeks end and begin with worship of the Lord and K Mart

A tidy, unbroken circle, a spiritual cul-de-sac

Such a blissful, Holy, dead-end


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