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Beware the Lizard


Young Easter, named for the day of her birth

Rather than religious devotion

Crosses the gravel lane, dust coating

Patent leather shoes

And frilly white ankle socks

Cotton calico dress

Hanging limply on bony frame


The edge of a fallow field

On the disused farm, left wanting

For the callused hands

Of her dead father

Peers into the eye-level hollow

Of the rotting fence post

Sheltered by the big oak tree

A startled mother or unattended

Tiny eggs, blue as Easter eyes

An urge to touch, but fearful

Of disturbing magic

On her frequent hopeful visits

To witness the breaking free

The desperate, lonely, gaping hunger

Easter’s own happy melancholy

Lonely without the eggs

Or her father’s voice in her head

Telling her how to break her own containment

Of frock, field and fear

To teach her to someday

Leave the nest and fly

But on this day, a gray lizard

Slithers down the post into the dry grass

The carnage of shell fragments

Leaves Easter to wonder her role

Through undue attention or neglect

For the wreckage around her

Or the heavy, putty clouds eclipsing the sun

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