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  • How to pick up women: Make sure you lift from your legs instead of with your back so you don’t strain something.
  • If you are expelled from a membership organization does it mean you have been dismembered?


I remember a kid in grade school (I don’t remember which grade) arriving in the fall missing the majority of fingers on his dominant hand. Fireworks were the culprit. He loved playing baseball but his baseball days were pretty much over in a flash. Literally.

I blew up a 1968 Pontiac GTO with firecrackers. Not a real GTO. A plastic model I had built and painted. I remember the glue making me feel funny but I never considered misusing it. In a few years I got bored with the model cars. That’s when I blew up the GTO. A friend of mine, who had gone through a similar model building phase, and I got together one evening for a demolition derby.

I’ve been systematically demolishing things ever since.

However you choose to demolish, be careful with explosives. Both the literal and figurative kind. I blow something up at least once a week. There are often consequences but, so far, I’ve maintained all my digits.

I saw the worst band of all time at MOTR recently. That’s called hyperbole. I’m old enough to have borne witness to an army of bad bands so I’m not really sure where this one would rank, all time. But they were rank. I was with a very dear friend of mine who was also a friend of the band. I told her they stunk. She didn’t offer an opinion and I don’t know how she took my assessment. Another attempt to blow something up on my part.

She could have said that it was only my opinion, a typical rejoinder to a comment like my mine. And yes, it would have been an opinion but all opinions are not created equally. I could have the opinion that a new Cadillac is superior to a rusty, 80’s vintage K-Car whereas you could have the opposite opinion. All that would prove is you’re an idiot. When our media presents an unfounded opinion as equal to a fact based one, in the interest of fairness, they do us a disservice. That isn’t journalism. I don’t know what it is but it isn’t journalism. There is a real, measurable, scientifically based world out there that is sometimes at odds with the universe in our heads. It’s okay to call out the deluded. Including me.

Back to the bad music. I’ve been purging cd’s. I have too many that I never listen to and I added to the mess by buying about a hundred from a guy on the street for $5. I probably enabled a thief. Most of the c.d’s need to go. I’ve always been a minimalist but I’m now taking it to a new level. I want to get to the point where I have very, very few possessions.

When I was a teenager my  favorite uncle (the one who told me “nothing I would learn would go to waste” as I was complaining about irrelevant schoolwork) payed a visit while I was in my room playing a Deep Purple record. He told me the music was crap. I was offended and thought, “What does this old fart know?” although I didn’t say it out loud in order not to get one up-side-the-head. He owned a radio station and hosted a program with classical music. It turned out he was right. A lot of music that I listened to as a kid, that I listen to today, is, relatively speaking, not very good. Nostalgic but not good.

I started my cd review by listening to Gorecki’s 3rd symphony and reading the liner notes about Poland and the Nazi attempt at genocide (it wasn’t just the Jews, the Nazi monsters had an even larger appetite than we give them credit for). Wonderful music. Beauty can be inspired by horror. Can the reverse be true? Anyway, immediately after Gorecki I popped in a Grateful Dead 1972 Europe tour live cd (among the pile I bought from the homeless guy). Ugh! I was never a stoner (remember the glue?) which might help explain why I was never a Dead Head. There was also  a lot of 80’s pop in the bag. Double ugh, for the most part. Some of the rejected cd’s went into the garbage, especially if they were in less that ideal condition, the rest I’ll sell off at APOTF.

I’ve always committed to reading well, I’ll extend that philosophy to listening well.

Our culture is hip deep in garbage. The opinion of many is that it is not garbage which is how garbage gets propagated, I suppose. I’m going to assume that every generation generates its fair share of garbage. It’s up to each of us to educate ourselves and objectively reject the garbage in favor of the, uh, not garbage. I think being able to identify quality is a skill that can be attained. Just my opinion.

I finished the evening listening to Paolo Conte and Randy Newman and Dark Side of the Moon and Sibelius in order to reset my mood. My uncle would have approved.


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