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In research and repair mode. Four flawed stories that aren’t ready to be shared. One is a story without an ending. Nothing seems to work. I tried the surprise ending but it felt stupid and contrived. I tried the French film, “What? It’s over? What just happened?” ending?. But I’m not French, though I sometimes wish I was. Another story has a hook and an ending but no body. It’s more an outline. The last one may not be a short story at all. It’s at 6,000 words with no end in sight. I’ve learned what to do in these circumstances. Set all aside and try again later.


So. Your humble narrator hasn’t much to share with you.

The MLB playoffs are here. The hated Yankees lost to the Astros last night. Yay! Not that I’m much of an Astros fan because Houston is a shit hole and is in Texas which needs to be given independence or returned to Mexico. The Pirates play the Cubs tonight, I think. I like both cities but Cubs fans, for all their Quixotic charm, can be assholes so I’m rooting for the Pirates. Pittsburgh is a lovely town, a mixture of Cincinnati (size and topography) and Cleveland (eastern European heritage). Mets vs. Dodgers. Ugh! Which has the higher payroll? Dodgers. OK Mets then. Rangers against Blue Jays. Blue Jays, obviously. And not just because of the Texas thing. Who was it that said living in Canada is like having a really nice apartment above a crack house?


I’ve been thinking about the ingredients for a healthy, happy and successful (not in terms of money and possessions) existence. Here is my tentative list. I intend to explore each item in turn in future posts. If you have additional suggestions or elaborations, please, let me know. Here goes:

  1. Observant/Mindful. Observing is not the same as seeing. Paying attention is not the same as being aware.
  2. Curiosity/Open-mindedness. One of the chief ingredients of intelligence, I think. If you aren’t forever curious it means your mind is made up. Only the truly stupid believe they have it all figured out.
  3. Flexibility/Roll-with-the-punchedness. Probably a by product of curiosity.
  4. Passion/Lovingness. If you’re not in love with the world it should divorce you. Sooner than planned.
  5. Fearlessness/Risk-taking.   No one is, nor should they be, completely fearless but if you’re terrified of failure you’ll fail in the most extreme, existential sense.
  6. Humor. If you can’t laugh, nothing else really matters.

My list is predicated on the assumption that each of these characteristics can, to some degree, be cultivated unlike raw intelligence and height. I was about to add attractiveness among the uncontrollables but realized that would be a falsehood in the extreme. Some of the most attractive women I have known have not been beauties in the physical sense.


Great quote of the day:

“Being disintegrated makes me very angry. Very angry indeed.” – Marvin the Martian


I don’t eat sweets. Have no appetite for them. I give my morning Dojo caramel at Findlay to Amy at Market Wines. I am a sucker, however, for salty snacks. Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips. Salt and Vinegar. Barbecue. Ranch. You can get potato chips in almost any flavor, except the one I want. Maybe freshness is the issue.

I’m still working on number 5.

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