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Boys and girls, and Republicans, can you say oligarchy?

I know. I know. It’s a grown up word that makes your undeveloped brain hurt but learning sometimes requires discomfort.

Simplified, it describes when a small group of people control an entire country. This has happened in your country where 1% or fewer of the people own and control almost everything.

1% is only one out of a hundred. We talked about percentages and fractions last week. Do you remember? 1% is indeed a small number. Some would say the true controlling percentage is 1/10th of 1%. I see your tongues hanging out of the sides of your mouths. I commend your attempt to concentrate but let’s leave math behind for a little while.

An oligarchy can’t be effective without the help of the other 99%. Why would the 99% help the 1% take control of everything? Let’s explore some possible reasons.

Maybe the 99% hope to be part of the 1% some day and enjoy their privileged status. If the 99% could become the 1% there would be no 1%, only 100%. We’re back to math again, I realize. And why would the 1% want to share their privileges with the 99%? Let’s move on.

Maybe the 1% feel bad for the 1% who are always being challenged about the legitimacy of their privileges. They feel that the 1% have been treated badly and have had their feelings hurt. If that is so it would seem that the 99% are right to be completely controlled by the 1%.

Maybe the 99% don’t know about oligarchy and percentages and inequality and unfairness because they have been distracted by the 1% through wars and patriotism and guns and abortion and Bibles and freedom. The 1% know math better than you do and if they divide the 99% into blacks and browns and whites and immigrants and true ‘muricans and gay and straight people then there are plenty of people for the 99% to hate and fear among themselves instead of the 1%.

For tomorrow, write an essay exploring the topics we discussed today. Tomorrow’s new question is, “Do poor people cause poverty because, after all, if there were no poor people there would be no poverty so why is it that people choose to be poor?”

Rand. Put that down and pay attention.

See you tomorrow children. And Republicans.

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