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Talking to a Friend

You like her don’t you?


I saw you looking. You like her.

I’m trying to decide.

What’s to decide?

There are many factors to consider.

Name a few.

First the tangibles. Perhaps her legs are too skinny.

I didn’t know a woman’s legs could be too skinny. From the male perspective.

Shows what you know.

And the intangibles?

That’s all guesswork. Taken from clues.

What clues?

Facial expressions. The way she carries herself. Is she kind or is she a bitch? Is she rich or poor? Is she shy or gregarious? Insecure? Egotistical?

You can tell all of that?

Of course not but I can guess. I’m frequently correct.

Wouldn’t it be easier to meet her? Get a more accurate assessment.

Too much work. I subjectify women first and then decide if the effort would be worth it.

Don’t you mean objectify?

No. The her in my mind is just as important as the her over there.

And me?

What do you mean?

My legs for example.

They’re the reason I’m here.

You’re a son-of-a-bitch.

That’s the reason you’re here. You want to go?

Let’s have another drink. What’s the hurry.

You know.

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