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Moon on Her Shoulder


She sits on a stone

That couldn’t be colder

Than being alone

Did you hear a moan?

Moon on her shoulder


It was just an embrace

But the night became bolder

Already in disgrace

With no reason to race

Moon on her shoulder


The deed was done

She told me to hold her

The dead have no fun

But they never get older

Moon on her shoulder


The years slipped away

I could’ve told her

We’d treasure that day

The plan that I sold her

Moon on her shoulder


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She Changes

She changes

The color of her hair

As often as her underwear

That’s no longer there


That’s a steel guitar song

For another time

The Ohio River to Kentucky belongs

Like gin and tonic with a lime


My baby is in my bed

She belongs to another

The steel guitar moans in my head

While she’s under the cover


She changes

The sheets on my bed

As often as I

Wish I was dead


Nobody told me

The cost of the freight

Nobody told me

How long I would wait


She changes

She’s different each time

She changes as often

As she changes her mind


Are you ready for the solo?

It won’t take long

But friend I’m afraid

It’s the end of the song

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