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Love and Fresh Underwear

Like a gale force wind it sweeps you away and deposits you in a foreign realm.


But you have no papers.


No papers.


And if they find you out they’ll lock you away forever.


In solitary confinement.


Solitary confinement.


And they’ve lost your luggage in which you had packed your wit and reason.


And change of underwear.


Of underwear.


Your disorientation reminds you that you’ve never been to the Orient and how it feels.


To be kicked in the balls.


The balls.


Learning a new language and rules ever changing. Lead then follow then lead again.  Ill equipped for either so instead.


You take in the sights.


The sights.


A terrain so treacherous and marshy that each misstep might be your last while skies darken.


With a new storm.


New storm.


Her thumb on the scale as she calculates the price of her affection in a strange currency consisting.


Entirely of change.


Of change.


You pay the price without argument because at least the pain.


Feels like something.


Like something.

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The House

March 18, 2013 1 comment

A very short story that I wrote for a woman I once loved.

The House

At the corner of Terror and Desire is a house. It’s a small house but well appointed with shades that let in a precise and correct amount of light. And a porch relaxed from years of relaxing. The morning glory clings to trestles, smelling sweetly. Dew on lush purple petals. The door is open and welcoming. Music pours forth, bathing flower beds. The gentle embrace of a hedge.


The small house has known many inhabitants and all have loved her.


He passes, wandering, but is lost before his love drives him back in search. It will take many lifetimes for him to find her again. But when he does he will enter her and live forever.

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