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FUBAR Tuesday: Onward Christian-Right Soldiers to the Corporatist’s Crusade

I’ve had it up to here with Tea Bagger propaganda. Creeping Socialism, my ass.

Creeping Socialism is the smoke screen behind which Corporatists pursue a quite opposite, neo-feudalistic agenda. When the Corporatists manage to privatize everything, the same 2% (of which I doubt few Tea Baggers hold membership) will own everything. The public realm will disappear. No more Social Security, no more Medicare, no more National Parks, no more Public Libraries or Schools. No more public anything because, you know, the private sector does it best, say the scriptures.

Turning free market capitalism into a religion allows the Lords to turn their agenda into a Crusade. And hyper-religious, Puritanical America so loves a Crusade. Truth is, the Corporatists give a rat’s ass about free markets only to the degree that it depresses wages and gives them free reign to exploit the environment and us. They’ve proven time and time again that they are not at all interested in the competition side of the equation. They love monopolies. Free markets to the Corporatists is a euphemism for cheap labor and deregulation.

Once the middle class has been safely eradicated like so many rats in the Lord’s mansion, the only way American serfs will survive is to pledge an oath of fealty to their coporate masters. The Master can then choose to provide or deny health care or retirement or even a liveable wage as there will be no government to provide even a modicum of protection.

We will be free no more. We will be indentured slaves lapping the few crumbs that spill from the Lord’s sumptuous table and Crusader words like socialism and capitalism and free markets won’t mean shit because we will be unable to eat the rhetoric or clothe ourselves in the thin ideology. And even then the Tea Baggers won’t realize they’ve been duped, used as pawns by chess masters, because they were successful in their Crusade against the infidels, against all who think or look different than they. They will have won out against science and enlightenment and humanitariansim. They will have done the job they were asked to do. They will be able to live in the purified and homogenous Homeland. The land of fear and hatred and bigotry and anti-intellectualism.

And slavery will be such a small price to pay for having served the Lord.

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  1. G
    August 10, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    No better example of the the Kings controlling the Pawns is FreedomWorks and the health care debate of last year. Here’s an organization that looks like a grassroots movement but when you look under the hood it’s engine is the Insurance industry and big Pharma run by the former lobbyist – Dick Armey. It was diabolically brilliant. Whip up the masses to think having access to affordable health care is one step from Soviet Marxist rule and get them to do the corporation’s dirty work at town hall meeting. “Keep you hands off my Medicare” they would yell at our politicians and the media lapped it up like the good corporate lap dogs they are. In boardrooms all over the health industry, executives high five each other while their stock prices inch ever higher and payouts to sick people inch even lower.

    Hey look over here! Gay people are getting married and Mexicans are invading our border (for jobs at meat packing plants in Kansas). Meanwhile the streetlight are getting turned off in Colorado Springs (that hotbed of liberal thinking) because they can’t afford the electricity and roads all across America are returning to gravel because somehow we can no longer afford to pave them. Once the envy of the world for our infrastructure. Now we’re the punch line.

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