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Neon’s 7.7.10

Black linen dress and floppy straw hat with a ribbon and bow. High heeled sandals. She moves like a schooner, waves parting at her bow. Fluid and buoyant. A sleek vessel. Thin of limb and chin. Floating proudly. I should go below.

To check for barnacles.

It’s hot. If you stay in the heat, it feels natural. Because it is. It’s only when you move in and out of air conditioning that you notice. I spent the day in Scripp’s Center with air conditioning set on “meat locker”. It’s like being in a morgue. Fans circulate the Neon air. Schooner holds the hem of her dress as she orders an Anchor beer.

An appropriate choice.

Neon’s is canine friendly. Canine mattress. Canine toys. Black canine bowl with canine water. A Boxer nips at his owner’s leg, at the leash in her hand. Wants to play. Another dog of unidentifiable breed greets the Boxer, canine style. Nose to ass. Greets Boxer’s owner, canine style, nose to crotch. Evolution has muted our sense of smell. We hominids are a visual species. As Chauncey Gardner reminded us.

We like to watch.

In this heat everything ripens. The olfactory steamer has been restored and launched. I smell the fecundity of Neon’s. Humanity stewing in its own juices. Tart and sweet and redolent of fertility. I should drop to all fours and introduce myself to the Schooner.

Bow Wow!

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  1. July 7, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    LOL I love reading your posts!

  2. July 7, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Marvi Marti :

    LOL I love reading your posts!

    And I love your comments. My readership consists of a close circle of friends who consult said blog religiously but choose, for the most part, not to comment. I think I may need to become more provocative. Midgets and sex seem to have struck a chord. Expect more.

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